Greater Bass Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District
Volume 20, No. 1 - SPRING 2018


            CHAIRMAN…………………….….... Chuck Lindman

            SECRETARY……………………….…..Dick Horneck

            TREASURER………………….….…...Michelle Arlen

            LANGLADE CO. Rep…….…..….…Sam Hardin

            TOWN of UPHAM Rep….......... Dave Stilen

Dick & Carol Horneck
608-698-8703 or 608-698-8704

               ANNUAL MEETING

The Annual Meeting of the Greater Bass Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District will be held on Saturday, August 4th, 2018 at the Upham Town Hall at 3:00 P.M.  Please try to attend; this is your Lake District. The meetings are well run and stick to business.  The agenda for this year’s meeting is as follows:

Saturday, August 4th, 2018 - 3:00 P.M.
Upham Town Hall, Highway B, Summit Lake, WI
 Call Annual Meeting to Order – Introduce Board Members
Approve Minutes of August 19, 2017 Annual Meeting
Additions/Corrections to Agenda
Treasurer’s Report & Approval of same
Audit Committee Report
2019 Budget Approval with Tax Rate


OLD BUSINESS                                           

                      Pontoon Classes
                       Wake Boat Report
     Report on Legal Activities 
     Invasive Species – CB/CW
     Water Quality Report
     Water Safety – NO WAKE Buoys in channels
     Website – 


     DNR Fish Survey Report
     Nominations & Election of Board Member
     Set date for 2019 Annual Meeting 


After the meeting has adjourned, the Board of Commissioners shall elect a Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer from the members of the Board.        



We were happy to get a phone call from a lake resident (before we returned to Wisconsin) giving us a report on the ice going out on the lake during the first few days of May. This was especially good news since we had heard rumors that fishermen in the northern part of our country were concerned that the ice might not be gone in time for the opening weekend of fishing season this year! The thrilling follow-up news to the ice breaking up was hearing that our Loons returned the same day the ice completely went out.  These birds continue to amaze us year after year.

 If you are lucky enough to see the Loons around the lake, we hope everyone continues our practice of keeping a safe and respectful distance. Try to give these beautiful creatures the admiration and respect that they deserve!  Most of us share the feeling that we are so lucky to have the Loons on our lake and do everything we can to make them feel welcome and safe.  

4th of JULY at BASS LAKE

We will be celebrating right on the 4th of July – Wednesday, July 4th for the annual boat parade and fireworks, with a rain date, if necessary, on Thursday, July 5th.  The Boat Parade starts at 4 pm in the lower area of the lake below the islands, as usual.  Fireworks begin as darkness develops. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Payant for all of his work these past years in getting the fireworks for the celebration and giving us wonderful evening shows. He is now passing the torch (or perhaps, flare) to Stephen Altenburg. His crew consists of Scott Erickson, Glen Krevoshein, and Ty Yelich. We look forward to another great show, thanks to these four volunteers. 

Our thanks also go out to Gail Kestly and the fireworks fund collection team: Sue Baginski, Betty Curran, Judy Lindman, Jane Martine, Judy McCormick, Elaine Olk, Norma Winter, and Patti VanDehey.

Speaking of the fireworks show, something new this year will be the temporary placement of buoys/markers in front of the island where many boaters come to view the fireworks.  The insurance carrier requires that observers keep a certain distance away from the fireworks launch area for safety reasons.  The markers will make it easy to observe that precaution.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

Thanks again to the Arlens for putting out buoys around the lake for everyone’s safety.  The Board may recommend additional marking buoys as needed at the Annual Meeting, as some areas of concern remain. 


 Bass Lake will soon host the first Pontoon Class, touring the lake with DNR personnel, hopefully joined by Emily Crulc, Langlade County Shoreland Protection Specialist. There was a change in date, but we are still hopeful it can be done in June. Those who signed up as wanting to participate (at the last Annual Meeting) will be contacted with details. We will meet at Chuck & Judy Lindman’s home on South Shore Lane, to join them on their pontoon for the informative cruise.  If you didn’t sign up, but are interested, call Chuck at 715-623-6668 to arrange to join the group identifying plant life. 

 We recently learned that the county, for this year only, still has funding available through Wisconsin’s Lake Protection Grant Program intended for shoreland restorations.  Shoreland property owners who would like to voluntarily restore their shoreline should contact that office to see if they are eligible to receive up to 60% of the cost for the project.  Restoring shoreland properties with native trees, shrubs, ferns, and wildflowers can result in the improvement of water quality, soil quality, wildlife habitat, increased property values, increased privacy, and the reduction of noise pollution. Many restoration plans can be made to attract many differing species of songbirds, butterflies, and wildlife. If you  have any questions pertaining to shoreline restoration, please contact Emily Crulc, Shoreland Protection Specialist by e-mail at or by calling 715-627-6205. You may also contact Chris Arrowood, Conservation Technician, by e-mail at or by phone at 715-627-6293. They will be happy to meet with anyone interested in voluntarily restoring their shoreline. Once again, funds are available, for this year only, & they’d like to see more landowners participate.

To get more information and ideas on what is available, go to and then select “Departments”, and go to “Land Records & Regulations”, and then “Shoreland Restoration”.  (There’s even a feature there that lets you put in descriptions of your growing area and then generates a list of what would do well in those conditions.) You don’t have to do it all at once; you can start small and continue over a period of time.

Thank you to all who provided e-mails to us, either on your original directory information forms or since that through phone calls, e-mail, or using the form on the website. This will enable us to keep in touch when unexpected developments occur and information needs to be shared or possible special meetings called, etc.

We wish to remind you that these e-mail addresses are not to be shared or published anywhere; they are only for communicating with Bass Lake District landowners. This will not only save District money, but allow faster contact.  IF YOU HAVE NOT YET GIVEN US YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS, OR IF YOURS HAS CHANGED, OR YOU ARE NOT SURE, PLEASE E-MAIL IT TODAY TO: - THANK YOU! 

---New directories were printed in 2015 & handed out at the annual meeting, delivered, or mailed.  If you did not receive one, hopefully you can get one from your fireworks collection person, or ask for one at the Annual Meeting. 

It may sound like a broken record, but we find it necessary once again to remind you to consider that our boating behavior affects our lake neighbors and their property.  With more watercraft than ever on our lake, the potential for accidents is greater than ever, and we want everyone to be safe out on the lake.  Also, the probable damage to those properties in the narrows between our bays increases accordingly. {Current law still holds that “It is illegal to operate a vessel within 100 feet of the shoreline, any dock, raft, pier, or restricted area on any lake at greater than slow, no wake speed.” For PWC’s (Personal Watercrafts), distance from any other vessel allowed is 100 feet, and distance from shore increases to 200 feet!}   Copies of current boating regulations will again be available at the annual meeting at the Upham Town Hall, and at the Bass Lake Golf Course clubhouse as well.  Speaking of the golf course, ask about specials for Greater Bass Lake residents. 


All Bass Lake residents are still subject to the ordinance the  Upham Town Board adopted in 2006, granting golfers permission to travel between their homes and the golf course on their golf carts, up to a distance of one mile, in accordance with Section 349.18(c) of the Wisconsin Statutes.  If traveling at dusk or after dark, golf carts must be equipped with headlights and taillights.  Only one passenger is allowed, unless the cart is equipped with a rear seat designed to carry two adddditional passengers.  The part of the ordinance that people MOST OFTEN SEE ABUSED:  “ALL OPERATORS MUST HAVE A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE”.  

Residents have been advised to call the Sheriff’s Office (715-627-6411) to report children driving carts or ATV’s on the road or carts overloaded with passengers. It is obvious that the families allowing their underage children or grandchildren to be driving golf carts on public roads are seriously breaking the law.  Besides the drivers often being too young (and not licensed drivers) we have the cases where people have seen carts loaded with children beyond capacity and standing on the back of the carts driving around, often with considerable speed.  Many worry that there will be serious accidents & lives lost if this dangerous practice continues.  Restricting young people may be hard, but it may make the difference in having them live or die. 

REMINDERS -  Please DO NOT FEED the geese or ducks on the lake.  They are messy and can spread disease.

Please DO NOT LITTER - Don’t let anyone in your car or golf cart (or walking) carelessly toss litter onto roads or yards. When on the water, bring back trash to dispose of properly.

ATTENTION WALKERS: Please remember to walk on the left side of the roads, facing traffic. GO SINGLE FILE when vehicles approach from either direction.


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