Greater Bass Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District

Volume 18, No.1  -  SUMMER 2016




            CHAIRMAN…………………….….... Chuck Lindman

            SECRETARY……………………….…..Dick Horneck

            TREASURER………………….….…...Michelle Arlen

            LANGLADE CO. Rep…….…..….…Sam Hardin

            TOWN of UPHAM Rep….......... Pete Resch



Dick & Carol Horneck

608-698-8703 or 608-698-8704



The Annual Meeting of the Greater Bass Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District will be held on Saturday, August 20th, 2016 at the Upham Town Hall at 3:00 P.M.  This is your Lake District, and your opportunity to be a part of how it is governed.  The meetings are well run and stick to business; often completed within an hour.  Please try to attend.  The agenda for this year’s meeting is as follows:






Saturday, August 20th, 2015 - 3:00 P.M.

Upham Town Hall, Highway B, Summit Lake, WI


Call to Order – Introduce Committee
Approve Minutes of 2015 Annual Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
2016-2017 Budget Approval with Tax Rate
Water Quality Report
Invasive Weed Report
Election of new Commissioner
Old Business
New Business


A number of people were happy to see a pair of Loons back on the lake early this Spring. On June 8th your Ripples Editors were happily informed that the Loons were spotted swimming with two new little ones!  At this time we have not yet seen them ourselves, but eagerly await that sighting.  We greatly appreciate your reports that keep us informed of these great happenings. Once again we would remind all of us to keep a safe and respectful distance if you are lucky enough to see them out and about. In the past we have had incidents of some horrible actions against these beautiful creatures, along with some nasty attitudes when confronted about it.  We hope that this year’s Loon family will be shown the admiration and respect that these awesome creatures deserve!  Most of us share the feeling that we are so lucky to have the Loons on our lake and do everything we can to make them feel welcome and safe.  Congratulations to the new parents, and we hope you continue to return to us!


On a Loon related note, we learned from the LoonWatch staff at Northland College recently that 20% of loon deaths are caused by them ingesting lead.  One lead sinker can kill a loon. Please share this information with friends and family who may go fishing.  They urge us to use alternatives, NOT LEAD SINKERS!  If you wish to help LoonWatch spread the word at 15 events this summer, donations are welcome, and you may give online at: or by calling: 800-318-2583.  All gifts are appreciated.



Just when one might think we were reaching the point where adults begin to act more responsibly and realize that lake levels are really a result of snow and rainfall in a given area, and that if people leave things alone, a natural and fair level or order will be restored, we learn once again that this issue is far from over.  Our Greater Bass Lake officers and representatives from the lower lakes who have formed the DWKLA (Deep Woods, Water Power, & Kettle Lake Association) were shocked and saddened to learn that in recent months there were more attempts to interfere in this situation of the water passing from Summit Lake to Greater Bass Lake.  This time it came in the form of an attempt to influence legislators to add language to a proposed Bill that would allow landowners to replace material in the water without getting a permit. At our summer meeting we were able to view the video of the legislative session where this attempt was presented.  We hope to present this at our annual Lake District meeting, but you can view it in advance at home by going to:  (2-3 hrs. into the video)


As Lake District members, we are being asked to contact our representatives and voice opposition to any legislation language that removes “fill permit” requirements.



After consulting with Langlade County’s new Shoreland Protection Specialist, we were able to learn that Langlade county still has funding available through Wisconsin’s Lake Protection Grant Program which is intended for shoreland restorations.  Through this grant, shoreland property owners who would like to voluntarily restore their shoreland property could be eligible to receive up to 60% of the cost for the project. Some of the benefits of restoring shoreland properties with native trees, shrubs, ferns, and wildflowers are the improvement of water quality, soil quality, wildlife habitat, increased property values, increased privacy, and the reduction of noise pollution. Many restoration plans can be made to attract many differing species of songbirds, butterflies, and wildlife. If you are interested in entering into a cost share program with Langlade County to help restore your shoreline, or have any questions pertaining to shoreline restoration, please contact Justin Johnson, Shoreland Protection Specialist by e-mail at or by calling 715-627-6206. You may also contact Molly McKay (same department) by e-mail at or by phone at 715-627-6205. Justin said he would be happy to meet with anyone interested in voluntarily restoring their shoreline. Funds are available, & they’d like to see more landowners participate. Shoreland zoning has changed – see news on website!



After two years of requesting and receiving our DIRECTORY INFORMATION FORMS, we have about 150 responses (out of approximately 200 landowners in the district). Nearly 100 of these included E-mail addresses to be used for receiving not only our RIPPLES newsletter, but enabling us to keep in touch when unexpected developments occur and information needs to be shared or possible special meetings called, etc. We wish to remind you that these e-mail addresses are not to be shared or published anywhere; they are only for communicating with Bass Lake District landowners.  We hope to gather e-mail addresses this year from any who have e-mail but have not yet submitted their   addresses. Thank you to all who did provide them to us and thus brought us closer to electronic communication. This will not only save District money, but allow faster contact.



New directories were printed last summer and handed out at the annual meeting, delivered, or mailed.  If you did not receive one, please be sure to ask for one at the annual meeting on August 20th, 2016.


Once again we ask everyone to consider that our boating behavior affects our lake neighbors and their property. We want everyone to be safe out on the lake, and with more watercraft than ever on our lake, the potential for accidents is greater than ever. Also, the probable damage to those properties in the narrows between our bays increases accordingly. (Current law still holds that “It is illegal to operate a vessel within 100 feet of the shoreline, any dock, raft,  pier, or restricted area on any lake at greater than slow-no-wake speed.”) Please review the rules about how close one is allowed to come to other watercraft as well. Copies of current boating regulations will again be available at the annual meeting at the Upham Town Hall, and we will try to place some at the Bass Lake Golf Couse clubhouse as well.  For everyone’s safety and property protection, take the time to read and review; share with family and guests. 



In the summer of 2006 the Upham Town Board adopted an ordinance granting golfers permission to travel between their homes and the golf course on their golf carts, up to a distance of one mile, in accordance with Section 349.18(c) of the Wisconsin Statutes.  If traveling at dusk or after dark, golf carts must be equipped with headlights and taillights.  Only one passenger is allowed, unless the cart is equipped with a rear seat designed to carry two additional passengers.  The part of the ordinance that people MOST OFTEN SEE ABUSED OR IGNORED is “ALL OPERATORS MUST HAVE A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE”. 


It is obvious that the families allowing their children or grandchildren to be driving golf carts on public roads are seriously breaking the law.  Besides the drivers often being way too young (and not licensed drivers) we have the cases where people have seen carts loaded with children beyond capacity and standing on the back of the carts driving around, often with considerable speed.  Many worry that there will be serious accidents and lives lost if this dangerous practice continues.  It may be hard to change and not allow the young people to do this, but it may make the difference in having them live or die.


We see more ATV’s and UTV’s on the road each year.  Most have been riding responsibly at reasonable speeds, with helmets where required, and are appreciative of the opportunities to get around on these vehicles.  However, we also have seen and received reports of some young people abusing this.  All drivers must have taken an approved safety course, with those under 18 required to wear helmets.  Yet again, recently, an ATV was seen on Forest Road with four young children riding, some standing, none with helmets, and none of them old enough to legally drive on the road.  Please consider the fact that if you see these dangerous behaviors on golf carts or ATV’s, you may be doing them a favor if you find it necessary to report them to the Sheriff’s Department (which they have asked us to do.) If you don’t know names, try to get the number on the vehicle or a good description of it.  This is not an easy topic to deal with, but if it saves one life it will be well worth it.



The Arlens – for placing buoys and doing our water quality testing.  (Michelle also serves as Lake District Treasurer).

Gail Kestly & Collection Crew, and Paul Payant for arranging for the fireworks.  FYI – The funds collected pay for the next year’s fireworks show, and determines how big it can be.  The Hornecks­ – for continuing to produce our newsletter they started in 1998. (Dick is also Lake District Secretary.) 

Chuck Lindman  - for being an interested and hard working  Chairman of our Lake District.

REMINDERS -  Please DO NOT FEED the geese or ducks on the lake.  They are messy and can spread disease.

Please DO NOT LITTER  - Make an effort to see that no one in your car or golf cart (or walking) carelessly tosses litter onto our roads or yards. When on the water, bring back any trash to dispose of properly.

ATTENTION WALKERS: Please remember to walk on the left side of the roads around the lake, facing traffic. Be sure to go single file when vehicles approach from either direction.


Please be sure to e-mail us your current e-mail address if we do not yet have it. Thanks!


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