Bass Lake Rocks‚Äč

In spite of the downed trees on the island from the great wind of summer 2011, people enjoy the generosity of the Ray and Dorothy Porter, who continue to share their island with their Bass Lake neighbors. The camping area is clear with a great fire-pit, and a newer dock is in place.   If you visit and use the island, please treat the area respectfully, leaving it as clean or better than when you arrived - remember you are their guests!  Thank you to the ever generous Porters for sharing the island with all of us.

There is extra campfire wood to share from the continuing Island storm cleanup.  It is cut, split, and stacked on the island. It is pine, great for outdoor burning. 

Please give Ray and Dorothy Porter a call at (715) 623-0978 if you would be willing to help with sawing, moving brush, raking,  or generally helping to maintain the island. 

There is a tradition of hiding small plastic "critters" along the trails, for children to find on scavenger hunts.  If you have extra critters around your place, please consider hiding them on the island.  And take kids to the island for a hunt!  Once the S'Mores are eaten and the campfire is out, please have the kids re-hide them for the next group.


‚ÄčIsland Information