I spoke with Dave Seibel, the DNR fisheries specialist, about the presence this Spring of DNR personnel and fish nets, etc.  For 11 days they were conducting the first year of a 2-year Musky population survey.  They will be back at ice out time next year, 2019, to complete that, as well as do a comprehensive survey of all fish.
Only the musky were measured this year, with a total of 21 caught.  The largest was 46 inches, weighing 21 pounds!
Informally, Dave was willing to share some findings about other fish.  He said they saw some nice Crappies, and that the Bluegill and Pumpkinseed were not too bad either.  They caught 4-5 Walleye per day, which he described as not real many, but nice big ones.
Great overall news is that fish are finally traveling freely between Bass and Summit Lake, which he described as working well.  When nature is allowed to take its course it is a good thing.

So it seems their are still a lot of Muskies out there

                                                                                                                                               Carol Horneck

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July 2, Bill Below hauled in another Muskie (remember last year he hauled in a 51" er).  This one measured up at about 40.25" but put up quite a fight for over 5  min. and about 8 good runs

Our congratulations to the Happy Couple who enjoyed a beautiful day for their vows

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More Fish Tales   as told by Carol Hornek - Bass Lake Ripples Senior Editor

Not to be out done, Bobbi Below hauled this 44.5" Musky yesterday, less than 24 hours later ( July 3).

........Boy the fish stories that must be told over their dinner table

July 4th

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The  Wedding of Sara and Skip

May fireworks  as seen from South Shore of Bass Lake

Taking Advantage of a rough spot on Bass Lake Rd, Liam and Audrey don't let a little ice on the main Lake slow down their fishing on a beautiful early May day. Remembers guys, look both ways before casting.

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filmed by Ben Klein May 2017

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